Liam Wilson

Sonificator (2017)

With sound sensors and a micro-controller I have prototyped and coded a device to simply translate sound to color in any space. An apparatus that is easily attached to the back of a camera phone holds the sensor and an RGB light just in view of the camera so it appears in only the bottom fifth of the image. Once a panorama photo is initiated, the sensor begins collecting sound data and translating that in real time to the LED. Any changes in audio will be visualized through the LED as a light painting, imposed on the panorama photo. While still in the developmental stages, I am in the process of collaborating with Damoni Lavow, a DRW Prep high school student in Homan Square, for a more unique insight into sonification. Using a student’s own personal color connotations and sound interests I get a more interesting view into this community rather than imposing my own experiences onto a new location.

This is a continued project which has evolved into a workshop at the Homan Square chapter of the Chicago Youth Centers. The workshop was held with roughly 40 children aged 12 - 18, along with plans to continue in the future.

arduino, lighting component, iPhone               2017