Liam Wilson

Mirror Stage, 2min 51sec, (2021)

U.S. Male, 1min 30sec,(2020)

Survivor, 2min 1sec,(2020)

5 Surprise Eggs Disney
Pixar Cars Super Mario
Mickey Mouse,
9min 49sec loop,(2019)

U.S. Male , 1min 30sec,(2020)

Domestic Terrorism & How It Spreads (2022)

Hydrocal plaster, Xerox image transfer, taxidermied mice

Infinite Jest is widely known for the culture its readers have created around it. There is a superiority complex among those that have mustered the strength and focus to finish the 1996 novel, which is 1,079 pages including its infamous footnotes. While the culture surrounding David Foster Wallace’s work is what precedes it, the plot itself of Infinite Jest tells an eerily similar tale: That entertainment is an often dangerous force, a phenomenon to which people are compulsively drawn and which can even be used as a weapon. Just as having made your way through its pages becomes a rite of passage for the pseudo-intellectual.
This work is built from an open edition of cast hydrocal books. These books do not need to exist completely, page for page, as the act of having it on the shelf holds all the affect needed for its reader and his or her visitors. Entertainment for entertainment’s sake becomes destructive and meaningless, a sort of fool's journey. The folly of the mice is their attempt at summiting the heap of books. As the edition is open, the books are created per exhibition, while the mice travel together from space to space, climbing endlessly on new iterations.

Mirror Stage (2021)
Chicago, US / Eindhoven, NL

Mary, not Mary (2018)

latex, cheesecloth, lighting component

11 x 6 x 5.5in, 27.94 x 15.24 x 13.97cm

to be prayed to or ogled at. Sculpted by hand and cast in various materials (concrete, gypsum, polyester resin, sawdust, & urethane rubber) to explore and blur the boundaries of praise in the context of religion and sexuality.

iterations in concrete, gypsum, polyester resin, sawdust, & urethane rubber

graphite on paper, excerpts from Vladimir Arkhipov‘s “Home-Made”- a book of Russian folk objects

Masters Thesis, Poor Me, Poor You (2021)
Design Academy Eindhoven
Contextual Design - 2019-2021

L20-SOCIAL (2016)

You have found yourself in a time of much needed introspection. With these four tools, you will be able to materialize your needs through simplified forms, representative of the actions associated with each tool. L20-WORK: The motivator. L20-ASSERT: The instigator. L20-ADJUST: The adaptor. L20-SNIP: The eliminator. Based on a set of daily personal questions, this tool set is meant to be a catalyst for action. What aspect of your life do you need to work through? When should you stand up for yourself? What can be tweaked? If push comes to shove, when should you simply cut something out of your life completely? L20-SOCIAL gives you the push you need to answer these questions.

cast resin, aluminum, protective case, literature